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Description :

Everyone knows only birds drink shandy's, well, welcome the the blokes version.  A rather fine "sharpener" gets the morning/afternoon/evening moving nicely...
Ingredients :

1 Pint of Lager (Stella, Fosters etc.) and 1 Smirnoff Ice
Instructions :

Drink half the lager, empy smirnoff ice into recently vacated space, and enjoy
Discovered by :
Nevil Wharton & Duncan Spencer
 First Drunk :
November 2000
Name : Date Sampled : Country : Comments :
Gareth Wharton 12.1.2001 UK Top drawer - like it !!
John Waldner  Me and my friends were drinking turbo shandys (that's what we called them as well) way back in OCTOBER 2000, a clear month before you say it was first drunk. I'm not sure I've been out drinking a single night for the last year without having at least one of these concoctions.
JC We're The boys from Ramsey, we drink Turbo Shandies.This summer Ramsey CC celebrated winning the Cambs Premier League with several ridiculous nights out on Turbo Shandy. For the more adventurous drinkers may I suggest trying out the cider turbo shandy, the turbo shandy with a vodka top, or for the hardcore drinkers amonst you....the Elephant Beer Turbo Shandy!!!!!!
mark day The Ramsey boys are back - what do you do when you drink the bar dry of Smirnoff Ice - mix with Smirnoff Mule instead!!
James Woodward
a variation on the smirnoff ice turbo, replace the said bottle with either vodka mule or lemon bacardi breezer, both must be ice cold for maximum enjoyment, these were dicovered after a long search having run out of smirnoff.

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