St Mary’s Church Organ

The organ was built in 1971 by F H Browne & Sons in Canterbury, still being tuned on a regular basis today. It is tuned to a tone higher than the normal organ or piano to make tuning easier.

It is a pipe organ having a range of pipes from 8ft to 1ft, two manuals & a full pedal layout with a wide range of stops corresponding to the size of the pipes.

It is in fine condition & its music enjoyed by both the organists & congregations alike.

The principal organist Mark Wapshere is assisted by members of the congregations

in his absence, thanks to these people music fills our churches for all services.

West Stoke Organ

The organ is a two manual electric organ made by Wyverns in England with a full pedal board.

It is in good condition & fills the small church with wonderful sound much appreciated by the congregations.


Sennicotts Church.

Music is provided by a harmonium that used to be pedal powered but has recently been upgraded with an electric blower. It has a Swill coupler stop that adds richness & improved tone to the sound in this small church.

It has recently been renovated & its music is much appreciated by the congregations.